Wednesday 28 May 2014

Curry Leaf Loaf - Curry Leaf Bread - Vegan Option

Curry Leaf is a staple in South Indian cooking. Almost all side dishes have curry leaf as a tempering ingredient. Curry Leaf powder (to make rice) is yet another of my favourites. When I saw a bread which uses Curry leaf, I got super excited. Now the humble curry leaf is travelling beyond the humble South Indian kitchen to the world of breads. It made a wonderful bread and the rise was awesome. I had to place the pan on the bottom rack to prevent it from touching the roof of my oven!!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Coconut Potato Curry with Basil and Cashews - Vegan

As Indians we make our share of 'curry'. Be it the North Indian Style 'Curry' or the South Indian 'Kari', there is always one or the other made at home almost everyday. But what is interesting for me is a Westerner's take on the Indian Curry. So whenever I come across a recipe like that, I make it a point to give it a shot.

One such example is this beetroot masala that I tried a few months back. It is a big hit in our house. Try this new version of potato gravy in a coconut milk sauce.

Monday 19 May 2014

Mexican Brown Rice with Cilantro and Lime - Chipotle Inspired

Mexican rice is a very versatile dish. You can serve this as a meal on its own. It goes very well with vegetarian sides or chicken. This can be used as a stuffing for burritos or wraps. The options are many.

This rice has a wonderful balance of spicy and tangy taste. Perfect for any Mexican dinner party!

Monday 12 May 2014

Watermelon Margarita and Mojito - Cocktails and Mocktails - Watermelon Orange Juice

Summer is at it peak in India. Here in the UK, we are starting to get some warm days. How better to celebrate than with some cooling and refreshing juice. Summer in India is super duper hot (and getting worse by the year). Does that mean you sit at home and do nothing? Nope, life goes on. When we are out and about on a warm summer day, one of the things that we love eating is a watermelon. You will find vendors on the street selling these fresh fruit in piles. It is a site to watch a mountain of watermelon on the street. And then ofcourse the juice vendors who make your day! Why not make it at home and enjoy a summer picnic in your own backyard!

Friday 9 May 2014

Carrot Soup - Indian Restaurant Style - Vegan

Growing up, we never made soups at home. They were usually a restaurant thing. And they are served quite differently. Usually they are very thin and the purpose of soup is to create appetite for the main course that is going to follow. As kids we almost always got full up with the appetizer and soup. So never understood the idea of soup creating Appetite.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Rise and Shine Papaya Breakfast - Vegan

Papaya is a buttery sweet tropical fruit. I have developed this craze for the fruit lately. I made this awesome Tropical Detox Smoothie which is just amazing - super tasty and super healthy. Do give it a try. The next day I went ahead and made this for breakfast and it was just out of the world. Try it, you will love it. This is not so much a recipe, it is more a combination that I wanted to suggest you try :-)


Papaya 1 cup Chopped (used half a small papaya)
Flavoured Yogurt 1 cup (had pear yogurt, so used that) - use Vegan yogurt or Regular yogurt.
Granola 2 tbsp (Homemade Granola Recipe here. or use store bought)

Method of Preparation

1. Make a paste of papaya in a blender. Add sugar if needed. Mine was sweet and so I did not add any. Transfer to the cup.

2. Add a layer of the yogurt.

3. Top it with Granola. Make sure it has some fruits, nuts and seeds. It will give a nice crunch

4. Drizzle some honey/maple syrup or chocolate syrup if you like. Mine does not have any. Dig in!!

You can prepare this ahead of time in a jar and keep in fridge and grab as you run out of the door. Will make a super filling breakfast!