Kerala Sadya Recipes

This page is an effort to showcase the items that are served in Kerala Feast. Many of this is true for a Tamil Feast as well. But they are not all applicable.

The banana leaf is usually used to serve Kerala Feast. The top portion is used to serve different curries and bottom side is used for rice, sambar, snacks, payasam etc. The leaf usually used should be the end leaf (nuni ela) with the smaller end on the left of the person sitting in front. 

The order of serving

On the top from right to left - Kichadi, Pachadi, Thoran, Mizhukkuparatti, Avial/Kootu, Achar(Pickle)
On the bottom payasam at the right corner. rice in the middle (with parippu, sambar, nei etc), on the left corner - banana chips, sharkara varatti, pappadam, pazham

I have a lot of recipes in my blog. But still not the complete collection. I will update this page as and when I post all the recipes.

Kichadi is basically yogurt based raita kind of dish. Typically 2 or 3 of them are served. Popular ones are made with Vendakka, Pavakka and Beetroot.
  1. Vendakka Kichadi
  2. Pavakka Kichadi
  3. Beetroot Kichadi
Pachadi is a slightly sweet and tangy dish. Served in small portion like Kichadi. 

Jackfruit Pachadi
Ethapazha Pachadi
Pineapple Pachadi

Thoran is a vegetable side dish cooked with coconut. Typical options are cabbage, beans, carrot, vazhakka thought the options are many
Mizhukkuvaratti is similar to Thoran, made without coconut. Usually onions and garlic are sauted. But sometimes avoided during festivals. I have given some examples below - to be honest my fav in this category is beans or long beans which I do not have in the blog yet
  1. Potato Fry
  2. Spicy Kathirikka Kari
  3. Simple Carrot Curry
  4. Easy Vendakka Fry
  5. Beans mizhukkuvaratti
  6. Payaru mizhukkuvaratti
Avial, Erissery and Kootu 
This is a gravy side. Avial is one of the most popular Kerala dishes and is mandatory for any sadya. 
  1. Avial
  2. Podalanga Kootu / Podavalanga Kootu
  3. Mixed Vegetable Kootu
  4. Olan
  5. Vazhakka Erissery
  6. Mathanga Erissery
Achar is all the pickles served. Mostly there will 3-4 varieties in a sadya
Kozhambu Varieties 
Typically in a Kerala Sadya, the first one is Parippu Kari. Followed by Sambar, Rasam and Mooru. Moru Kari or Pulisheri are also served before rasam sometimes. Theeyal though the best kozhambu from Kerala (my opinion) is not typically served in feasts, don't ask me why. But I have listed below for anyone who wants the recipe
  1. Parippu Kari
  2. Kerala Style Vegetable Sambar
  3. Tomato Rasam
  4. Mambazha Pulisheri
  5. Sambaram/Moru
Other options
  1. Sambar Version 1
  2. Mysore Rasam
  3. Lemon Rasam
  4. Jeeraga Milagu Rasam (Cumin-Pepper Rasam)
  5. Moru Kari
  6. Ulli Theeyal
  7. Vendakka Mor Kozhambu
The most interesting part of any feast. The sweeties... Usually 3 varieties are served. Pal payasam and Pradaman are the two categories. Pal payasam though refers to the milk and rice payasam could refer to all payasams made with milk and Pradamans are payasams made with jaggery and coconut milk. 
  1. Carrot Semiya Payasam
  2. Pal Payasam
  3. Badam Semiya Payasam
  4. Parippu Pradaman (Channa Dal)
  5. Parippu Pradaman (Moong Dal)
  6. Chakka Pradaman (Jack Fruit)
  7. Pazham Pradaman (Ethapazham)
  8. Ada Pradaman
  9. Gothumbu Pradaman (Wheat)
  10. Barley Pradaman


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